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Robyn Clarke + Co is an interior design firm providing high-quality residential design services to discerning clientele. Established in 1998, our firm’s design philosophy is one of timelessness: creating beautiful spaces that are fresh, both now and in the future. 


As our clientele consists mainly of busy executives, professionals, and their families, we have developed our services mindful of the fact that their "free time" is both valuable and limited. We manage the entire design process in a manner that minimizes the time-demands placed on our clients - while still ensuring that the final product reflects their needs and preferences.


Principal designer Robyn Clarke personally oversees each step of the design process to ensure an original, comfortable space that brings together function, practicality and visual appeal. In addition to delivering a classic-contemporary look that will withstand the test of time, our firm takes immense pride in providing our clients with excellent value and unparalleled customer service. A highly sought-after firm, Robyn Clarke + Co has vast experience within a wide array of project types, and has been featured in numerous design and lifestyle magazines, TV shows, online media, and a coffee table book showcasing Toronto’s finest designers.

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